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Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 10th May 2014:

How can I start with that? I am pretty sure that most people who could visit my page didn't even hear about that. It is very unknown outside of Europe. Only Australia is a very interested follower of it, even when they have around 4:00 or 5:00 am in the morning. Other countries also broadcast it including New Zealand, China, Japan, Korea, Canada and USA, but there is no big fanbase. The whole event is Europe + non-european countries in the Mediterranean region (members of the European Broadcasting Union) and Russia (which is a part of Europe and Asia, but the most Russian people live in Europe around Moscow and that is why they also can be a member of the EBU). Countries without a membership in the EBU are not allowed to take part in the contest. Everyone else is free to participate or not. It is not required (even when they pay for it) and that is why the number of participants varies a lot.

The former name of the Eurovision Song Contest is the French title "Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson Européenne" or the easier name "Concours Eurovision de la chanson". The idea was invented with the 1951 founded "Il Festival della canzone italiana di Sanremo" or the easier english version "Sanremo Italian song festival". The ESC began its yearly appearence in 1956. The next 59th ESC is on 10th May 2014.

Some countries have qualifications where people can vote the singer and more important the song into the contest and others just decide it in a council. After that there are two Semi-Finals before the big Eurovision Grand Final starts. France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom don't need to compete in the Semi-Finals. They are members of the Big Five (former Big Four without Italy) and are allowed to enter the Grand Final directly. The Big Five are the biggest financial contributers to the EBU. They are a set finalist. Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya and Tunisia are members of the EBU but don't take part in the contest because they hate Israel and don't want to compete with them. Morocco was the only arabian country which competed in the ESC. The Eurovision Song Contest is hosted by the country of the singer who wins in the previous year. And thanks to the EBU system, it is pretty cheap to host the contest.

The voting system is pretty simple. Winner is the country with the most points. A country cannot vote for itself. Every country awards points for 10 songs of other participants. The points are 12,10 and then it scores from 8 down to 1. The points 9 and 11 don't exist to set the best participants apart from the rest. Every other song gets 0 points. The votes consist for 50 % of the viewers vote and the other 50 % of a jury vote every country has. This jury can include famous singers, producers, former competitors or other expert staff. The jury was installed in 2009 because there was the rumor that countries in Eastern Europe are just trading the points with each other

The most important thing of the ESC is the importance of the songs. Even Europeans think that the singer is the winner, but this is not the case! The winner is / The winners are always the songwriter/s! They get the trophy. The singer/s only get/s the fame and the money from the cds, downloads and other marketing stuff. The singer/s get/s no trophy, medal or other awards. For example: USA won with Julie Frosts song Satellite the ESC, with Germany as a competitor, while they didn't know about their participation and have never heard about the contest before. Sounds weird? It is pretty easy when you know how songwriters work. They sell their songs, to some very weird companies with much weirder names. In the end, they don't know where it lands and Germany (viewers of the respective qualification show) has a voting system for the song and singer.

Some Trivia:

  • The most successful country is Ireland with 7 wins.
  • Johnny Logan from Ireland is the most successful participant with 3 wins. 2 times as a singer and once as a songwriter.
  • The most famous winners are ABBA (for Sweden) and Céline Dion (for Swiss).
  • The least successful countries are Andorra, Czech Republic, Montenegro and San Marino with 0 points in total!
  • Germany is the country with the most participations. 58 times! Germany is the only country that didn't miss a single Eurovision.
  • 150 million viewers watch the ESC
  • Epic sax guy is a meme from the Eurovision - . The group only took place 22 of 25. But they became very famous due to the sax guy meme afterwards.
  • Google previously announced Germany as the absolute winner in 2010 and they were right.
  • Only 3 winners tried to defend their title in the following year, none won again and they placed last or second to last, except Germany with 10th place.


Enough story, time for some music. Here are the last 10 winners:


2004 Ukraine: Ruslana - Wild Dances:

It may look pretty werid, but this is a typical performance with always high chances to win, when it is a pretty weak year with songs. The following motto counts then: "The more action on the stage, the more votes you get."


2005 Greece: Helena Paparizou - My Number One:

Ass-shaking and homo neanderthalensis like dancing women have always high votes. Especially in and from Eastern European countries.


2006 Finland: Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah:

Definitely the most successful group in the last few years of the Eurovision Song Contest. There is no one who doesn't know Lordi. Even their other songs became very well-known and they are still very successful in the business.


2007 Serbia: Marija Šerifović - Molitva:

Not sure about it. But I think after Lordi it was kinda necessary to calm down again.


2008 Russia: Dima Bilan - Believe:

???? Not sure about it part 2.


2009 Norway: Alexander Rybak - Fairytale:

Typical winner song. It is very different of everything you can hear in the radio or the television. It is like Lindsey Stirling in America.


2010 Germany: Lena - Satellite:

Could have been the winner with the highest votes and ranking so far, when they hadn't changed the voting system. Germany only won because of the viewer votes and that was the second year where the jury was installed, which is now worth 50 % of the votes. The fun fact about it is, the jury was created for the Big Five and Western participants in general because most of the time there was the rumor that countries in Eastern Europe are just trading the points with each other. Fuck the system !

The song won in the viewers favour because it was plain and simple. No big group, no weird dances, no very expensive pyrotechnics, no senseless show in general. In the same year was a discussion about the very expensive dresses and the especially for the Eurovision from oversea bought song writers of some other participating countries.


2011 Azerbaijan: Ell & Nikki - Running Scared:

This winner was very obvious before the contest started. Azerbaijan again threw around their money and had some very expensive appearences in the last years. It was just a matter of time until they can win. But it is also a nice quiet song.


2012 Sweden: Loreen - Euphoria:

This music is pure Eurovision. There was no better choice for the winner and it is the best song in the last years. It doesn't matter if you like it or not, Eurodance is Europe and the Eurovision Song Contest. Just listen to the audience in the background.


2013 Denmark: Emmelie de Forest - Only Teardrops:

This is a good mix of homo neanderthalensis like music with a woman instead of Alexander Rybak and some touch of fairytales.



Edit 22.04:

This years contestants and songs:

The Grand Final is the 10th May. The 6th and 8th May are set for the 2 Semi-Finals.

Denmark is the host and thus set for the Final. Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Italy are members of the Big Five and don't need to qualiy for the Final.

Isreal was allocated to the second Semi-Final because of a national holiday. Norway and Sweden were drawn to the first and second Semi-Final beforehand to avoid a great demand of tickets for one Semi-Final.

Since the Big Five and the host are still allowed to vote in the Semi-Finals but don't take part in them, a draw determined where they are allowed to vote. Denmark, France and Spain will vote in the first Semi-Final. Italy and United Kingdom will vote in the second Semi-Final, together with Germany who asked to vote there beforehand and were no part of the draw.

The 10 countries with the most points make it to the finals. Meaning 6 countries will disappear after the first Semi-Final and another 5 countries will go home after the second Semi-Final.





Summer Games Done Quick:

Where: Denver, Colorado, USA

Dates: 22. June - 28. June (may vary around 1 day depending on your time zone.)

General Information:

SGDQ is still a charity marathon and it will only show speedruns like in the last few years. romscout is organising the whole event. There are not that much information so far. We just have to wait a bit longer. The possible game list can be found here:

You can already see the comments of the runners and the reviews why games getting cut.

My own opinion:

I think with the big brother/sister of AGDQ, SGDQ can get a little boring over the years. I really fought with myself at the end of AGDQ and stopped watching most of the last day. It is getting a bit to much for me, seeing only the same speedruns all the time. The good thing is, romscout tries to avoid it. He is cutting the games which where far to often in a marathon. I hope that he can find a good relation between new and "old" marathon titles. The current list looks promising.


European Speedster Assembly:

Where: Skövde, Sweden (ö = oe and is kinda pronounced like the american (not british) o in the word "word")

Dates: 27. July - 3. August (may vary around 1 day depending on your time zone.)

General Information:

ESA is hosted by Ludendi, a non-profit organisation. The most important difference is the less strict selection of attendees and speedruns. They want to give everyone a chance to participate in a collaborative marathon. They still collect money for a charity, but their real focus is on gathering and having fun together with their hobby: video games. They want to change a lot in this years marathon, like 2 parallel balanced streams - that people have a better choice and more variety in what they can watch - some offline tournaments with the finals on the stream and a general greater variation in games and genres than SGDQ and AGDQ.

My own opinion:

When they can really change the marathon like they said and when they can stop with calling world records here and there - which was pretty annoying during AGDQ - they can really challenge SGDQ as an own and unique marathon. It sounds far more interesting and I am looking forward to that stream, because I already know that they have a lot of knowledge on how to create tournaments.




Edit 22.04:

  • Added a link to every Contestant of the Eurovision 2014. For which country would you vote if you could? (I think it is a very weak year with a lack of quality. I cannot see a favorite atm.)
  • Added a part about the three different Finals.
  • I will completely save the Eurovision post after the event and create a new "Standardised First Post".
  • Added the WoW Armory, for people who want to stalk me for no reason (>)^.^(>)

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